Practical Steps to Achieving your Dream

How to Live off your Passion

Live your passion

Why should you spend even a single day of your life working a job you don't want to do?

I'm being crazy, right?

Virtually everyone, at some time, HAS to accept the fact that they need to make money to survive and therefore, will undertake a job that, for any other reason, they wouldn't spend an hour of their life doing. This is how the world works! We don't question this assumption; we just get on with it like everybody else and suffer in silence or lose ourselves in a drunken weekend. 

What Everyone should know about the T.I.M.E it takes to Live your Dreams

Why T.I.M.E is so important to live your dreams

"Sorry I haven't got back to you. I've been SO busy lately."

Have you heard that line before?

I'm sure you have. It's usually offered after failure to respond to an email, call or txt.

What you might not have heard, though, is this - NOBODY IS BUSIER THAN ANOTHER PERSON! 

It's all relative because everybody has the same 24 hours. Therefore, it's not about how much you have to do, but what you prioritise doing. 


7 Incredibly Harsh Truths about Achieving your Dreams

Achieving your dreams

WARNING: This post is NOT going to motivate you.

Why $65 a day buys you a Ticket to Live your Dreams

live your dreams by stop buying shit you don't need

What's your dream? Maybe it's to write a book or start a blog. Perhaps it's to set up a business. Maybe you want to excel as a coach or become a sports star. 

Whatever it is, we all have to face the issue of how to support ourselves while we pursue this vision.