How to Sell 1000 Copies of your Book (without paying for advertising)

How to Sell 1000 Copies of your Book

On Thursday 29th of November 2018, it happened! While attending a training day for a writing project I've been recruited to work on (will share the details with you soon), the one thousandth copy of my book was sold. 

Why Advertising might be a Waste of your Money and What to do Instead

advertising waste of money

Take a look at the picture on your left. It's the latest, in a 15-year journey, of attempts I've made to advertise one of my businesses. 

Fortunately, this one was for free. As a member of a Fitness4less gym, if you agree to offer other members a discount on your services, you can advertise your business on the notice board without any charge. 

In case the advert isn't clear, this is my hypnotherapy business. I also have a tennis coaching business and a book selling/speaking/coaching business.

How To Get The First 1000 Subscribers To Your Website

1000 subscribers to your website

The 29th December 2016 will forever be a significant day in the history of my life.

It was a Thursday, and every Thursday, I open Campaign Monitor (the email marketing company I use) and check how many new subscribers I get each week.

Is Setting up a Facebook 'Fan Page' a Waste of your Time?

Facebook Fan Page waste of time

I now have over 1000 'Likes' for my Facebook Fan Page - Yay!

Cue fist pump, celebrations and fireworks! 

While I'm being slightly sarcastic in my jubilation, I should pause for a moment to reflect on this minor achievement.