Escape the System

The Ultimate Guide to a Life of Freedom and Greatness

The ultimate guide to breaking free from conformity and creating the life of your dreams.


You will learn;

·         What The System is and how it holds you back.

·         How to Find your Passion and Path through Life. 

·         The Important Role that the Power of Belief plays in your Success (and how to master it).

·         Why Controlling your Life is Counter Productive and what you need to do Instead.

·         How to Rise above your Present Environment.

·         How to Overcome Failure and use it to your advantage.

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And if you're not sure yet, then here are 3 reasons why you MUST buy it today! 

1. Over 35 Five* reviews on Amazon (including and paperback version).

2. Endorsement from best-selling personal development author Tom Butler-Bowdon, 

"Most books aim to change your life; Escape The System goes further, calling on us to question our very motives and purpose so that we truly have a life. Read it if you don't just want to be 'successful', or 'effective' in society's terms, but genuinely great."

3. Awesome reviews.

"This is a great book for those who don't fit in, free spirits, original thinkers, open minded folks. dreamers, visionaries, superheroes, artists, designers and people who want to make the world a better place." - Dwayne Williams

"Changing our beliefs, getting out of our comfort zone and facing our fear is never an easy thing to do, but the author shows us the way in an inspiring fashion!" - Meurisse

"Joe Barnes is a sensible guy from the U.K. that just happens to be Morpheus. Buy the book, follow the steps, and just do it." - Chad Maples

"I highly recommend reading this if you're suffering in a dead end job and feel depressed with your overall life situation. If you're open minded and dig deep to be flexible, determined and brave, I believe this book could inspire and guide you to follow your deeper desires and free you from the shackles of fear and mediocrity." - Justin Doom 

"The book has helped me to clarify the sacrifices that I am willing to make to achieve my own personal greatness. I recommend it to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their lives. It not only offers an understanding of the current dilemmas faced by those who are disillusioned by the system, but a way out of it too." - Johan R Nayar