Why you'll never 'MAKE IT' until you Learn this!

man chasing carrot but never making it

So many people put conditions on their happiness.

  • I'll be happy when I'm rich
  • I'll be happy once I've got that job
  • I'll be happy when I've found love
  • I'll be happy once I've 'made it'

The list is endless but the symptom is always the same - happiness is a far off goal only secured through the achievement of an objective.

But, of course, you knew this already. We've heard it a million times before and we all know that if we can't be happy with our life as it is, then we're unlikely to be happy if it changes. So what's new? 

Chasing Carrots

Recently I discovered that I was slipping into one of the system's many traps. I kept catching myself fantasising about 'making it'. I was dreaming of a far off point where all of my goals and desires had been realised and I could finally live with the freedom I so desperately crave. This dream was vivid. This dream was pure. And this dream filled me with a sense of joy so deep that it boosted my motivation dramatically.

'So this is a positive,' you might say.

Well, I wouldn't disagree with you entirely. However, while we all know the motivational importance of having a dream or a vision, there's a darker side to the 'making it' syndrome that must be explored. I call it 'Chasing Carrots' and the system desperately wants you to do it because; 

  1. It stops you from questioning it's path
  2. It prevents you from connecting with an energy source that could dramatically change your life.

Chasing Carrots looks something like this;

Study hard at school so that you can go to a prestigious university.

Get a good degree so that you can get a 'good job'.

Seek promotion so that you can get more money and influence.

Earn enough money for retirement.

Wait for death. 

While this may be a simplistic analysis, the point I'm making is that the system wants you preoccupied with a never ending chase where you're always working TOWARDS something. This is a problem. Overlooking the present, we focus too heavily on the future and in some cases lose the energy and motivation to realise our vision. Think of it like this. If you're always picturing your moment of success as some far off event, what message does that convey to your subconscious mind? Exactly! It's something that's never going to happen. It's never in the NOW. This can't help but have an impact on your belief in your chances to succeed. 

Making it TODAY

Although I've known that the 'making it' myth is one of the system's greatest illusions for a long time, I can't say that I've always lived this awareness. That's why I want to share an experience with you. Read the following entry from my diary, recorded on the 22nd December 2012, 

"Last night, I had an amazing experience. I didn't go anywhere, or see anyone, I just watched, THE FIGHTER, at home on my own. I felt great after watching it and then, for some reason, started throwing punches and shadow boxing. This gave me an amazing rush of energy - i was absolutely buzzing. I then raced through my Twitter and Facebook updates and a blog post, not stopping to think for a second. Answers just came to me, everything flowed. In fact, I was massively 'in flow'. It was SO powerful that I wonder how much I could achieve if I remained permanently in this state. I think my productivity would more than double.

It makes me think that the answer is not 'becoming successful' but 'getting in flow'. It doesn't matter what your circumstances are, when you feel like that, it's just phenomenal. To live my life with that feeling would have to be worth more than any amount of money." 

This experience got me thinking. Could giving up the idea of 'making it' be an important part of getting there? By no longer viewing your moment of success as a far off destination and instead, realising that it's something you can claim TODAY, can you connect with a dynamic energy source that will bring dramatic changes into your life?

I certainly believe so. And in homage to this discovery I've put together a radical 3 point plan on how to 'make it' TODAY.  

Step 1 - No More Longing. Dreams, goals and visions are important. However, when you start to 'long' for their achievement, you put a distance between yourself and that goal. If you find that you're thinking about your success as a point in the distant future or wishing that you were 'there', then immediately cease from this mental activity.

Step 2 - Focus on TODAY. Make a conscious effort to live each moment as if your life is already complete. It will take practise, but remind yourself that today is all you've got, and if you can't live it with a sense of overwhelming joy then what's the purpose of all that struggling.

Step 3 - Gauge your Emotions. This has got to be big! We need life changing amounts of energy to be exuded from your being. Scream, shout, dance, sing, meditate. Do whatever you need to do until the message sinks in - you have to live your days as if you've experienced the greatest triumph of your life. When that happens, your life will begin to change. People around you will react differently, ideas pointing you in the direction of your dream will spring to mind and you'll recognise opportunities when they are presented to you. This is the true power of allowing yourself to live in a state of unconditional happiness. You'll discover that 'making it' is a state of mind rather than a point in time.    

One last thing 

Do you have a friend who'se always saying, 'I'll be happy when  . . ."

Send them a link to this post. You'll be helping them and me out!     

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