Why you Should Never Fly on a Plane if you Believe in The Law of Attraction

Plane Law of Attraction

I recently returned from a holiday in Mexico. On the flight back I was contemplating The Law of Attraction and imagining the flight going smoothly and everybody returning home safely. Then I thought, 'this is a waste of time'. As I looked around the fully booked flight, with 200 or so people strapped into their seats, I realized that almost all of them must have at least a small fear of flying.

I do. I'm far from phobic but the day before the flight, the thought of the plane crashing did cross my mind. I also get jumpy at turbulence. When the plane starts jumping, I begin to question my decision to be 35,000 feet up in 500 tonnes of aluminium.

How many out of the 200 or so passengers were feeling the same way?

There's got to be over a 100 who were mildly fearful of the plane crashing. On top of that, there were perhaps 10 to 20 who's fear was very palpable and real. Of course, there might have been 20 or 30 who were so confident in flying, and rational in their assessment of the situation (flying is by far the safest form of transport), that the thought never crossed their mind.

So, we're talking about the majority of the people on board the fight who had at least some kind of fear the plane might crash. Can you see why believing in The Law of Attraction is a problem here? If it works, then it works for negative as well of positive thoughts and feelings so, by rights, we should have been plummeting into the Atlantic Ocean.

But The Law of Attraction doesn't work that way. You could put 200 highly phobic flyers (if you could get them on board) on a plane flown by an experienced and confident crew and 100 times out of 100 they'd reach their destination. The fear of the flyers has nothing to do with the outcome of the flight.

Does that mean The Law of Attraction doesn't work?

Yes and no.

It doesn't work in the sense that feeling incredibly strongly about an outcome (either negatively or positively) will magically attract it into your life. Instead, 'feeling good' (or bad) on a regular basis is going to have an impact on your attitude, motivation, behaviour, decisions and this will then affect how well you perform in at work, how well you relate to other people, the health of your body and how easily you can access your creativity.

Proof of this can be seen in the Netflix documentary 'Take Your Pills'. In this documentary, the drug Aderall (taken by many US College students to enable them to concentrate and study longer) was tested against a placebo. The results showed there was very little difference in the actual effects of the drug compared to the placebo. However, the researchers noted one huge distinction.

People who took Aderall BELIEVED it had a big impact on their concentration and endurance. In short, they felt much better after taking it. This feeling then enabled them to experience the effects they ascribed to the drug.

The basic equation is this - feel better and you'll perform better. It's that simple. This is where The Law of Attraction does work. Find ways to consistently get yourself feeling good and your life will improve. It's that simple. It doesn't necessarily mean you'll win the lottery but there's nothing stopping you from using Law of Attraction to create a successful and love filled life.





(Image taken from Scott Swigart photostream flickr.com)


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