The Uncomfortable Truth about "The Secret"

Uncomfortable Truth Secret

Last night, I watched The Secret on Netflix.

Give Your Dreams A Chance

Give Your Dreams a Chance

I was talking to one of my tennis students today about her interest in drama and singing. I suggested she might want to pursue it professionally when she left school or universi

Why Advertising might be a Waste of your Money and What to do Instead

advertising waste of money

Take a look at the picture on your left. It's the latest, in a 15-year journey, of attempts I've made to advertise one of my businesses. 

Fortunately, this one was for free. As a member of a Fitness4less gym, if you agree to offer other members a discount on your services, you can advertise your business on the notice board without any charge. 

In case the advert isn't clear, this is my hypnotherapy business. I also have a tennis coaching business and a book selling/speaking/coaching business.

How 'Making a Decision' Could be the Key to Success in your Business and Life

making a decision

I love finding nuggets of wisdom in unexpected places. Of course, I read a lot of personal development, therapy

Why you Should Never Fly on a Plane if you Believe in The Law of Attraction

Plane Law of Attraction

I recently returned from a holiday in Mexico. On the flight back I was contemplating The Law of Attraction and

What WWF Wrestling can Teach you about being Successful

What WWF Can Teach you About Being Successful

I used to be a big WWF fan. Back in 1991, my favourites were The Ultimate Warrior and Bret 'The Hitman' Hart.