How to Use Hypnosis for Positive Change

hypnosis for positive change

I've been a hypnotherapist for 14 years. During that time, I've seen hundreds of clients for a variety of issues. One of the first things I tell them is that hypnosis is NOT mind control. Myself, or any hypnotist or hypnotherapist, can't make you do something against your will. In fact, hypnosis is far less exciting than it may initially seem. Entering into a state of hypnosis simply means that your brain waves are altering.

Revealing The Hidden Secret in Think and Grow Rich (and how to use the book)

Hidden Secret Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich is one of the most popular self-help books of all time (some estimates point to sales of around 100 million copies).

In this blog post, I'm going to explore the most prescient ideas from the book and explain why, almost a century later, they still have the power to change your life. 

How to Avoid Living a Life you Regret

avoid regrets

In 2009, Bronnie Ware wrote a blog post about her experiences as a palliative nurse. She worked caring for patients during the last twelve weeks of their lives and made note of their most common regrets. 

What I Learned from being Fired 3 Times in 5 Months

you're fired

Almost twenty years ago to the day, I got fired from a filing job at a major UK residential property developer.

I lasted four hours!

The manager called the temporary agency I was working for at the time and complained about my lackadaisical work ethic and lack of filing experience. 

I couldn't believe it. Who needs experience for a filing job? However, as I took my leave from the office and began the premature journey home to my parents' house, it all began to make sense.

How to Sell 1000 Copies of your Book (without paying for advertising)

How to Sell 1000 Copies of your Book

On Thursday 29th of November 2018, it happened! While attending a training day for a writing project I've been recruited to work on (will share the details with you soon), the one thousandth copy of my book was sold. 

The Uncomfortable Truth about "The Secret"

Uncomfortable Truth Secret

Last night, I watched The Secret on Netflix.

Give Your Dreams A Chance

Give Your Dreams a Chance

I was talking to one of my tennis students today about her interest in drama and singing. I suggested she might want to pursue it professionally when she left school or universi

Why Advertising might be a Waste of your Money and What to do Instead

advertising waste of money

Take a look at the picture on your left. It's the latest, in a 15-year journey, of attempts I've made to advertise one of my businesses. 

Fortunately, this one was for free. As a member of a Fitness4less gym, if you agree to offer other members a discount on your services, you can advertise your business on the notice board without any charge. 

In case the advert isn't clear, this is my hypnotherapy business. I also have a tennis coaching business and a book selling/speaking/coaching business.