How to Cope with Change and Loss

R.I.P Lesbourne Clinic 2005 - 2018

Last week, I got the sad news that I'll no longer be working from the Lesbourne Clinic in Reigate. For 13 years I've been seeing hypnotherapy clients at this clinic. However, the owner, who ran the clinic throughout my tenure, has recently sold it to the new owner.

I tried to negotiate with the new owner. However, as is the case with many clinics, he wanted a fixed amount per month (that was too much to make it worthwhile for me to keep using the clinic) regardless of whether I used the room or not.

I can't be mad at him for this. It seems a little inflexible, especially as I was offering to pay him more per hour for ad hoc bookings, but his offer was industry standard. It just highlights what a fantastic arrangement I had with the delightful owner of the clinic for the previous 13 years.

I leave behind many great memories. I did hundreds of sessions, helping many clients stop smoking, lose weight, overcome anxiety, improve their sleep and increase confidence.

I also learned a lot of lessons. I can still clearly remember my first session in the clinic. It was with a woman who wanted to stop smoking. At the time, I was renting a room in shared accommodation directly opposite the clinic (it's how I discovered it). As I sat in the chair, waiting for my client, I remember thinking I could leave the clinic and run back to my room and nobody would know. To say I felt unprepared was an understatement. However, I've changed a lot over the 13 years.

I started working at the clinic feeling like I didn't have a clue how to help anyone with their problems, with a limiting belief that I was too young to gain the respect of any clients older than me and even doubting the effectiveness of hypnotherapy. I leave feeling that I can help almost anyone and knowing that hypnosis is the number one tool for conditioning or reconditioning the mind to achieve your goals and break limiting beliefs and habits.

Where do I go from here?

This is a blow, no doubt. The Lesbourne Clinic was, by far, my main base for seeing hypnotherapy clients and it's loss will mean I have no immediate place to take my clients in the area I'm most established in. However, I always tell myself that I must embrace change.

Sometimes, you can't see what it's leading to or how there could be any potential positive when the thing you're losing is so valuable, but it's far more productive to believe that change leads to opportunity than to rue the loss.

Who knows if that's 'true'. It doesn't matter. What does matter is that believing change leads to bigger and better opportunities enables you to start looking for them.

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