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screw the system winning lottery ticket

Ponder this hypothetical question. You walk into a room with two tables in front of you. On top of the one to your left is a winning lottery ticket for £10/$16 million. On top of the one to your right is a red pill marked Ultimate Prize. Beside it, is an explanatory note informing you that upon taking the red pill you will have complete mastery over your inner world. You are only allowed to choose one option. Which would you take? The lifetime of riches or the promise of lifelong happiness and the ability to fulfil all of your potential?

Let's explore the options.  

Option 1: The Winning Lottery Ticket

Very tempting. Within your reach is access to a fortune large enough to ensure that you have complete financial freedom for the rest of your life. No more working a shit job. No more worrying about whether you can meet your monthly payments. No more looking at price tags. The never ending chase for pieces of paper and digits on a computer screen, that dominates the vast majority of peoples' lives, is OVER.

If you still have dreams you want to achieve then this becomes easier too. Setting aside a sizeable portion of your fortune for safe keeping, a few million will give you the capital to start a new business, pursue your dream of becoming a rock star or change other peoples' lives with charitable contributions. Whatever goal it is you want to achieve, a vast sum of money will make it easier. In fact, with £10/$16 million you can buy your way out of the system. Money is one of the system's main outlets of control and if it can't scare you with the thought of poverty then it's ability to influence your life is greatly diminished.

Option 2: The Ultimate Prize

The more abstract and less sexy of the two options. In that transparent red pill lies the promise of life long happiness and the ability to fulfil all of your potential. But what does that mean?

For a start, you would feel GREAT. Each day you'd be buzzing with an energy that would leave you in do doubt that you are living every moment of your life. Secondly, all the blocks on your potential have been removed. That fear that stops you from taking risks - GONE. The self-doubt that leaves you believing you're not good enough to do anything with your life - GONE. And that confusion that prevents you from knowing which path to take - GONE. In their place is a confident, self-assured ball of energy ready to take on the world. Surely, with this wisdom you could create your own millions or accomplish whatever it is you desire?  

The Decision

The inspiration for this blog came from a recent article entitled When Winning the Lottery Wrecks your Life. Although not the first time I was aware of lottery winners squandering a fortune, it did get me thinking. This husband and wife won £1.8 million on the UK lottery in 2006. By 2013, they had less money than before, were in the process of selling all their assets and to top it off, their marriage had crumbled. Her comment on their rollercoaster ride, 'Let me tell you, winning the lottery is not all its cracked up to be.' Yet winning the lottery is something that almost every person I know (including myself) has fantasised about happening. It's seen as an escape route. What would you do with the money? We even allow ourselves to believe that it might just happen.

It's because of this mythical, lifesaving status the lottery has acquired that I felt compelled to write this blog. I want to present to you a less tangible, but far more powerful, alternative and see what you'd choose. Not to prepare you for one day facing this choice, but so that today you might stop believing in the system's false gods. You see from a young age we're taught to worship money and dream about all of the ways it can enrich our lives. So much so, that possessing a vast quantity of it can almost seem like the answer to life. However, articles like the one above clearly demonstrate that this is not the case. Money alone is not the answer.  If you are not equipped with the wisdom to understand its rightful place then you will attach a value to it that it does not deserve. In short, IT will end up controlling YOU. 

The knowledge that money can't buy happiness is not new. However, I pose this hypothetical question because I see it as one of the ultimate tests for anybody wanting to break free from the system. You have to be able to honestly say that you wouldn't turn to jelly and wilt at the site of that winning lottery ticket. That all your knowledge about the importance of your inner world and the realisation that ALL we are searching for is to feel good, would not desert you. If you can say this then you can be sure that your priorities are correctly aligned for you to live both a blessed, and extraordinary life. Not only will you be impossible to control, your greater appreciation for the ability to create wealth, rather than just enjoy it, will ensure success whatever the conditions you face.    

So what did you choose? Please comment below and let us know which option and why.

(Image taken from John Carleton Photostream flickr.com)


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