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"A true manifesto on free thinking
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James Rick
Founder of
50 Insights
there are two

types of people on this planet. The majority, who, whether happy or not, accept the life they've been given, and a select minority, whose inquisitive minds question all that so many take for granted.

Have you ever: -

  • Felt that there's so much more you could be doing with your life
  • Thought that there's something wrong with 'reality'
  • Been fed up with working a job simply for financial reward
  • Wanted to change the world
  • Desired to make a difference to your own and other people's lives

If so, then you have found a home. Through the teachings on this website, and related media, you will discover that you're not crazy, neither do you need to change or alter yourself to fit in with how the world wants you to be. In fact, the world is going to have to change to match your desires. We create our own destinies and it's time we awakened to this knowledge.

It's no accident that you find yourself here at this moment in time.

The decision you are about to make will have a life changing impact.

Do you take the blue pill, forget you ever came to this site and plug back into the reality you've always known,

Do you take the red pill, leap into a new future and let the adventure begin.